Boxer’s Break by Mick Vranich

Boxer’s Break by Mick Vranich

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Mick Vranich was born in Wyandotte, Michigan in 1946. He received his Masters Degree from Wayne State University in 1970. he is the author of Salad Surreal: Discernible by Distortion and Radnik Pisar. Vranich presently lives in Detroit and makes his living as a carpenter. His latest book, SAW HORSE, was published by Doorjamb Press.

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islands of pain in a sea of skin
spontaneous combustion of voice
in the vastness
no matter the size of your room
your shelter the way you like it
the things you end up with
when you close the door on earth
will sink into the soil
like you
when you close all the holes
the voyage gets boring.
idol worship soul diversion
forget the original shell
you are a shell of flesh
a snake on legs
some misfit of anatomy
reduce your stuff to fit.

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