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V-8 by Dennis Teichman

V-8 by Dennis Teichman


photographs by Paul Schwarz
ISBN 0-9622474-0-5
64pp,    1989

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Bromide times for weathering
the testimonials to Teller et al.
Crazy ink stipend proverbial page,
Hubristic society all over noting.
Well, the wide toasty message
has endured, and now
for the miraculous abstract
called sequel. Silent Dot Imbalance

More lore for the embarcadaro minded.
Pirate flick initiative means sky
with moon sections put back firmly
into the howling doyenne’s pocket.
got a future beyond the stars?
Forget it. We’ll plane this mineral
deposit until our shoes rust.
So, please excuse the living material,
and do not disturb
the falling sub-orbital parts.

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